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Our Services

Brand Development

We create business brand identities from logo to visual identity and graphic. Your brand reflects everything your business is about and shows off your personality. Whatever the size of your company, we can help you create and build your brand to its success.

Graphic design

Giving away branded promotional products can be a fantastic means of endearing people to your business and familiarising them with your brand. We are capable of designing and producing all sorts of promotional products, from pens and pencils to T-shirts, mugs, and beyond – whatever you have in mind, we can provide a professional-looking solution!


Even in this post-internet world, brochures, leaflets and flyers can still be an incredibly effective means of advertising your business to potential customers. If you are interested in using printed promotional materials as part of your marketing strategy, our design-for-print specialists can create attractive, eye-catching flyers and brochures for you to distribute to your target audience.


At Octus, we offer professional photography services to help you maximise your business’s appeal online. Our qualified and experienced photographer will visit your premises or travel to the site of your latest project to capture your work in the form of eye-catching images. We provide high-quality images from food shots, interiors and exteriors for restaurant and PR clients.

Social Media

The rise of social networking has given business owners a great way to put their brand in front of potential customers for free. When people share your posts, they are effectively advertising your company for nothing – all you have to do is make sure that your posts are worth sharing, and that’s where our social media marketing team can help!

Website Design

A great website design can make all the difference to your customers. First impressions are important, but making a strong visual impact isn’t the only thing that our web designers think about; to create the perfect website for your business, we also have to consider user experience, branding, and even psychology!

We help you design the projects you want.

We offer a complete solution for your business. From branding your company to designing the website and marketing it, we have you covered.

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